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Editing Night and Moster due date

Posted by Michael Matyas on June 01, 2010

Look out, the end of the year is coming and your monsters are due. Editing night this Thursday, from whenever you start editing, which should be at 3, till you finish editing, which we should be done about well later. Haha. Your projects will be due that night and need to be exported to the desktop. Good luck yall.

Awesome work with your Mockumentaries. On to the Monsters.

Posted by Michael Matyas on April 01, 2010

Great job everyone with your Mockumentaries. We will get to the other two groups on friday. I should have them published sometime this week, some may be late due to improper format, but these will be up soon. Now that the Mockumentaries are done though the real challenge comes into play with the creation of the monsters. For the monsters we would like to see all of the tools we have taught you come together to make a complete 20 minute film.

Hooray, our 5sf’s are done !!!

Posted by Michael Matyas on February 19, 2010

Gewd job everyone on your 5 second films. I will be getting those online soon, not this weekend but soon. Hope you all enjoyed the lesson today, we should be doing future lessons for FinalCutPro in the near future just like that. Enjoy your weekend. :D

5 second films

Posted by Michael Matyas on February 04, 2010

Well guys we are finishing up our first project after the minimonster final, the 5second films. Make sure you keep it in the typical order of 2 second intro, 5 second clip, then 1 second for the end. Yes that means each 5 second film should be 8 seconds. Keep in mind they will be due the end of class friday, 2/4/10.

Mini Monsters

Posted by Michael Matyas on January 20, 2010

Good job with your MiniMonsters. I will be getting your films online hopefully this evening. As Babbitt said, you should all spend this time at the movies, we don’t want you to worry about them for now. Have a good finals week.  grin

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Students are working on their Monsters and their old projects are now available online, including Minimonsterz!  Stay tuned!